Reason Why 4G Service Is Horrible In Nigeria

Most of you guys are currently using 4G service, so here is the question. How is it?

The best answer is HORRIBLE

It's been over a year or less for some networks that tue 4G service was launched in Nigeria and the results are not pleasing the reason is Telco's are not using the required spectrum for the 4G LTE service rather they are using what they have to deliver the horrible service for us. This fact was revealed on the NigeriaCommunicationWeek.

And the Telco's reason was they are afraid of loss as they don't see prospect of return in their investment due to the current situation in Nigeria.

CEO of Steineng Ltd. Also said
4G LTE should give subscribers faster speed and bigger bandwidth without limit to what the subscriber can do with it, ‘but what we see in the market place today is the claim of unlimited service while pegging the subscriber on 60GB, what happens is that at the beginning the service will be fast by the time you are exhausting the 60gigabyte you were pegged at, the service will no longer be fast and you find it difficult to download some files.’
This is not broadband. If we have broadband it means unlimited capacity and volume, which is provided today in the country by very few operators. LTE broadband does not limit you. What we see in the industry is operators using existing technology to offer new service.

 We just hope the service gets better as time goes on

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