Progress As Google Acquires HTC's Pixels Team

Yay!!! It's official, google has finally bought htc's pixel team which mean they now have non-exclusive rights on their property.

Google bought this team for a sum of $1.1b and out of the 4,000 at the company, 2,000 is set to join google. This doesn't mean htc is gone the remaining 2,000 left at htc willl focus on thier own smartphone and VR Technology

HTC'S CEO Cher Wang said that this agreement will “ensure continued innovation within our HTC smartphone and Vive virtual reality business.”

This is not the first time Google made a stake on smartphones. Six years ago Google made an announcement of $1.2b buyout of Motorola which didn't turn out so good then sell the company off to Lenovo. 

Lets just hope it will turn out to be successful this time.

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