LinkedIn New Tool For Businesses

LinkedIn is up and giving businesses a tool with allows them to see where there visitors are coming from. This tool breaks down their site site visitors across several categories including Location, Job tittle, Job Function and many more.

As an example of how the data might prove useful, Sudeep Eldo Cherian, the director of global product marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, said a company that’s trying to bring IT professionals to its website could open up Website Demographics and discover that the majority of visitors actually come from the healthcare industry. It could then adjust its marketing efforts to target that audience.

“We think that by understanding this information, businesses can create higher quality content campaigns,” Cherian said

He is also asked about how to use this kind of tool to measure effectiveness of ad campaign, And Cherian said it’s possible: “We’re constantly thinking about how can we continue to evolve the reporting and analytics that we offer to marketers so that they can make better decisions.”

Website Demographics will be available for free to anyone using the company’s Campaign Manager.

"You don’t have to advertise on LinkedIn to leverage this,” Cherian added. Sure, it would be nice for LinkedIn if that was one of the outcomes, but Cherian said the real goal here is to turn Campaign Manager into a “must-have analytics solution.”

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