How Do You Feel Using Your MasterCard With FingerPrint Scanner

Should i say this is the end of the old era for Master card? of course it is because Master Card is about to join the finger print sensor protection league.

Master Card is currently testing the finger print sensor enabled payment card that is combined with and on-board chips to make it easy for in our transactions, like transactions that requires verification of pin or signing some sort of things you can just do it by placing your thumb on the sensor to verify yourself.

This new features is currently been tested in South Africa and Master card hopes to roll out the new feature before the end of 2017

How To Get You Bio-metric Card
  • Your bank will alert when the card is available
  • if you are interested you will walk to your back to get the card and have your fingers scanned
  • Aye, you card is ready for used just place your thumb on the sensor to make your transactions
Note: you can also use your PIN to make transactions 

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