Flobyt Free WiFi Service Lauched By Don Jazzy And Dele Oduduye

Uptill now that's what we Nigerians lack, Free WiFi which our government refuse to provide for us and everyday data is getting more expensive.

So Don Jazzy the popular music star in Nigeria and Dele Odufuye decide to do what the government have refused to do for a long time by launching a free WiFi service across public places e.g
Parks, Restaurant, Taxi and buses in Lagos.

According to Co-Founder Dele Odufuye,

“Flobyt is 100% free for the users and our partner locations, all you have to do is walk in and log in. In fact, our working slogan is ‘Don’t use your data, use ours.’
We know that this is not the first free WiFi proposition in Nigeria. However, we have state of the art technology, speed, security and speed to make it an enduring one.”

Flobyt is currently installed in various locations across Lagos. Bandwidth-wise, Flobyt can currently accommodate 10 – 30 users in low-traffic places, while places with higher traffic go up to 80 users at once.
Tho, there is no such thing as free,Although u will get free internet service to browse but you will also be served with ads.
But the downside of it is we Nigerians are professionals in abusing anything called "FREE" especially torrent downloaders or idm and soon it will become overloaded and will greatly affect the speed the possible solutions is to regulate the bandwidth per user. This would imply that if N people used the service, you’d get 1/Nth of the bandwidth.
·         RoadStar Burger, Lekki.
·         Bar Enclave, Ilupeju
·         Food House, Ikosi
·         White House, Yaba
·         Lounge 9a, Anthony
·         Massimo Bar, Ikeja
·         Grace’s Cakes, Ogba
·         Jazzment Salon, Lekki
·         KayzPlace Barbershop, Lekki
·         Amala Express, Lekki

So does you currently using it how good is the speed?.

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