I Rather Cuddle With A Shark Than Kiss A Bug Especially Mosquitoes Says Bill Gates

This thing sounds funny right because you think mosquitoes are just common insects that can be killed with a insecticide or even by hands, but the truth is mosquitoes are more deadly than you think.

According to Gates, he said he rather cuddle with a shark than kiss a bug especially mosquitoes and here is his reason below.

“Pound for pound, a shark isn’t that scary compared with many smaller creatures,”

“The mosquito has the equivalent of a hypodermic needle, and by going directly into your blood, they bypass the normal disease defense mechanisms, So any viruses that evolve to attack humans get in there very, very quickly.”

He also posted a image which displays the number of humans killed by different animals in 2015 and of course mosquitoes have the highest kills, the shark accounted for six worldwide deaths, while 830,000 people died from a mosquito bite.
IMAGE CREDITS: Gatesnotes.com

Which is one of the reasons Malaria has long been a top priority of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

“I think it’s one of the most stunning things to say that this little mosquito, it’s a small insect that you can, you know, kill with a slap of your hand, it actually kills more humans than any other thing.”

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