How To Get MTN 300MB And Make It Work On Your Phone

Their have been MTN GAME plan which i have been rocking for sometime, probably you guys have heard of it and used it already. Am very sorry for posting late, i kind of went off for break but am back now. So this is for people that have not heard of it or have heard but Don't know how to use it on their phone.

First to get this you will send "GM" to 2200 and you will receive a text message that you have successfully registered and you will receive another message saying you have been rewarded with free 150mb for 7days. I know you must be wondering how to make it work on your phone? Don't worry just follow the steps below

1. Get psiphon handler of any version

2. Input the following settings

Proxy server:
Proxy type: Real host
Real proxy type: Inject

Save the settings

3. When you click on save wait for the psiphon to open then click on option and click on more option

4. Thick connect through http proxy and thick use the following settings

Then input the following settings

Host Address:
Port: 8080

That's all just click back and wait for your psiphon to connect and start rocking your data.

When the 150mb finishes you can add another 150mb by sending "JW" to 2200 and you will recieve another 150mb to rock. .

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